The world with its quick and demanding dynamics put all of us into stressful situations daily. People have difficulties to manage life’s  challenges, they struggle to find joy in everyday routines. Children are emotionally unequipped, behavioral, concentration problems,  aggression is rising. A dissatisfaction in bigger or smaller extend is present on all parties included – children, teachers and parents. With our Erasmus+ project we want to react on that. The team consists of  6 primary and secondary schools from 6 countries: Slovenia, Italy,  Latvia, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

     The goal of our project is to increase the levels of happiness about school and life in general in pupils and also in teachers. Happiness of people is somehow put aside and yet we all know that only happy individuals compose a healthy,  creative, emphatic and active society. We want to bring new qualities in school to make a step towards it. Happy people strive for personal improvement and lifelong learning, they are more involved citizens, they can literally change the world – for better! – so our title HAPPY PEOPLE  WILL CHANGE THE WORLD explains it all.

We see an answer in mindfulness concept which approaches to an individual in a holistic way. It gives importance to all segments of a  human being, paying attention not only to a brain but also to a person’s  body, emotions, feelings, sensations, senses, character qualities …
Can we succeed? We surely believe the only right thing is to try 🙂